Wheaton Film Festival
Friday, November 09, 2018

"Make A Movie In A Month" is a project in coordination with the Wheaton Film Festival. Details are listed below.

Our collaborative production challenge returns with "Make a Movie in a Month" (MMM 2017)! Make a short film in about 30 days.

Get experience, meet new friends, and have some fun.

Calendar of Events 2017

7/17/17 "Make a Movie in a Month" - production begins

7/17/17 Production meeting at Make Offices near DuPont Circle in Washington D.C.

7/19/17 Production meeting at Chuck Levin's Music Center in Wheaton, MD

8/21/17 "Make a Movie in a Month" - production ends, all films due by 6pm

T.B.A. Screening of all completed MMM 2017 films at Chuck Levin's

11/10/17 The Wheaton Film Festival on 11/10/17 at Chuck Levin's

Schedule for Screening of MMM Films

6:30pm Arrival and informal networking 

6:45pm Introductions 

6:55pm Announcements 

7:00pm MMM2017 Short Films Screening


- 3 minutes or less title to title

- This is part of the Wheaton Film Festival so it has to involve Wheaton in some way.

- Use Adobe software in some way

- Screen credits as provided (Make a Movie in a Month project, Wheaton Film Festival, Adobe, Partners/Sponsors/logos)

- Must submit via Google Drive

- Meet the deadline

- Each team can have a minimum of three persons with a minimum of four crew positions that include, but are not limited to producer/director, DP, editor and writer

- Every member of your film crew MUST sign a "Project Waiver." If you require more please email us at [email protected] and we will send you a downloadable copy of the waiver


- The Official Jury evaluates film entries based on several criteria: Story (10), Creativity & Style (10), Cinematography (10), Sound (10), Involving Wheaton (30), and Overall Quality (30).