Wheaton Film Festival

With film screenings, panel discussions, and networking, the 6th Annual Wheaton Film Festival is a great showcase for filmmakers from the mid-Atlantic region and for films that involve the mid-Atlantic region. 

Tentatively Selected Films 2019

Main Category Films

Golden Cage of Television (William R. Coughlan)
Pressure (Luke James Shaffer)
Signs of Change (Jonathan Alexander)
The Catcher (Carletta Hurt)
What They Seem (John Becker)

Student Films

Breathe (Austin Smith)
Concealer (Jenna Cipolloni)
Immigration: A New Beginning (Peter Pereyra & Jaime L. Cordova)

Community Films

Filippo's - Un pezzo d'Italia in Wheaton
(Willie Padin) 
In Harmony with the Community (Berlin Waechter) 
Mr. Big Shot (Vanessa Anthony )
The Colony (Shako Oteka & Junaid Ahmed)

Festival Details


Filmmakers from the mid-Atlantic region and films made in the mid-Atlantic region


A festival bringing art and culture to Wheaton with films from local filmmakers, door prizes, and more


Friday, November 8th, 2019 at 1:30pm


Chuck Levin's Music Center


To highlight indie filmmakers in the Mid-Atlantic region


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