Wheaton Film Festival
Friday November 8, 2019



Panel Discussions

Filmmaking Process (including sound recording)

A discussion of the process of filmmaking including pre-production, image capture, and editing. With special coverage on how to best record audio.

Entertainment Law 101

An overview of key legal concepts for creative professionals including option agreements, copyright, trademark, work for hire agreements, and more.

Future of Filmmaking

A discussion on drones, virtual reality, and other technological advances that affect filmmaking, how to adapt, and what we may expect for the future.

Festival Speakers


Film Lineup

Filmmakers will introduce their film live to the attending audience.


Paul Marengo

Paul has 26+ years experience in the area of development and program execution. His experience includes a wide range of development activities including Corporate/Foundation/Government Support as well as Individual Giving. Paul believes by empowering and providing the necessary tools to smaller non-profit organizations they can become competitive fundraisers. Paul has worked with and trained many non-profits on alternative ways of thinking of how data and other items can be of use to their development strategies.

Tim Flaherty

Tim has spent 30+ years in the media field, including 20 + years in television and industrial video production. In addition to TV shows, commercials, and many industrials, Tim has produced or co-produced numerous short films, and wrote and directed the documentary “100 Years of Maryland Football” in collaboration with the University of Maryland and NuAd, Inc. He continues to write, shoot and produce TV commercials and industrial content, and writes scripts for a wide variety of projects.

Maryanne Culpepper

Maryanne is an award-winning writer/filmmaker with extensive experience in developing, writing and producing documentary and nonfiction series. She is the former President of National Geographic Studios and served as the Executive Director of the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital . Her most recent projects include writing and producing video and editorial content for Avatar: Discover Pandora, an international touring science museum exhibition based on the fictional world in James Cameron’s movie Avatar. She is a member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA).

Nate Fisher

Nate is an eclectic mix of analytic and artistic talents. He is a proud member of the Silver Spring community and spends his professional efforts split between working on local productions and assisting clients with their own audience engagement activities. Nate enjoys collaborating with other passionate creatives on local projects such as Movie Nightcap and Silver Spring Inquiries for his production company, Createrly. He also works with his passionate team of communications professionals at Mindshare Capture Consulting for brands including Technicolor, J.D. Power, The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), and more.

Meagan Pava-Lewis

Meagan has been involved in the entertainment business for over 23 years. Prior to moving to South Florida, Meagan was in Los Angeles where she garnered casting and pre/post production experience while working on numerous TV shows and short films. Once she arrived in Miami, Meagan got very involved with the local film community. She has co-produced short film and music video contests and has coordinated many entertainment networking events, including film based seminars and screen writing workshops. Meagan's last job before being hired for the Florida Film Institute was at a local talent agency where she loved being a film/tv agent for actors.

Luisa Montero

In 2015, Luisa was appointed by the Montgomery County Executive and County Council to serve as the Director of the Mid-County Regional Service Center.  In this role, she acts as a liaison between the community and County Government. She has 30 years of experience locally, nationally and internationally, including community and program development.  Luisa was born in Cuba and immigrated to the US as a child. She has been a teacher with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington for over 20 years.

Chris Petracco

Chris is a senior digital media specialist and content creator with over 20 years experience in communications and media production, including over a decade teaching communications and media at the college level. Chris has a comprehensive knowledge of multimedia production, volumetric filmmaking, social media solutions, digital media production, and digital tools to create comprehensive media campaigns. Chris helps clients develop broadcast, cable, and online products. He is the founder of TrustedPhotoDC and TPA360 and now is known as a reality capture expert.

Awards & Prizes

"Levin Grand Prize"

Jury Award for Best Overall Film

"Wheaton Award"

Jury Award for Best Community Story

"Kamen Prize"

Jury Award for Best Student Film

After Party

Details TBA

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