Wheaton Film Festival

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Tentatively Selected Films

Harry T. Dewey Memorial Garden by Marilyn Stone and Marilyn Sklar

Third Base to Faith by Amina Chaudary 
Hael by Willie Padin 
A.R.T. by Raquel LM
Scary Story to Tell in the Dark #684 by Carlos Gonzalez-Fernandez 
A Lonely Conversation by Harrison Dove-Green
Lucid by Shelly Ortiz
My Theory on Ghosts by Elijah Barry
The Reunion by Jiayang Liu
Femme Fatale DC by Erica Ness and Daniel Sheffield
Jericho by Tiffany Joy Taylor
Valle del Silicio (Silicon Valley) by James Michael Douglas
All Hail the Champion by Eric Lochstampfor
Affection of a Tiger by Khalid Abdulqaadir
Heretic by Joshua Nicholás Prits 
Heroes' Honeymoon by Rich West 
JUMP START by Skinny Corleone 
Anagnorisis by Arturo Dueñas Herrero
"APOCALYPSE NOTES" (Music is in danger!) by Pierre GAFFIÉ
Oleander by Kate Hackett
Fix My Bike by Rocky McKoy
1865 by Andrea R Mihailescu
A Place Called Galet by Arjarn Jin
Daydream by Alec Reyna
These Brownies by Benjamin Shapiro
0.6 ft apart by Amit Barnathan
Ballin': A Kickball Story by Millie Cupp
Landfill by Heidi Scott
El Mahal (2019) by Ziad Foty
Put it Down by Frankey Barrz, Kris Furnish


Festival Details


Filmmakers and attendees from around the world!

A festival that screens short films and provides film educational panels.

Saturday and Sunday, November 14th & 15th, 2020.

Virtually! To see the event page, click here.

To highlight indie filmmakers from Montgomery County, MD USA and also around the globe.


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