"Make A Movie In A Month" is a project in coordination with the Wheaton Film Festival. Details are listed below.

This is the "Wheaton" edition.

Make a short film in about 30 days. Get experience, meet new friends, and have some fun. You asked to do it again and now you have the chance. Everyone is welcome to participate from production veterans to first-time filmmakers, directors, writers, production assistants, and everyone in between.

The registration cost to participate is $50 per team [not per person but per team]. Films must be 4 minutes or less in duration. We have 2 production meetings to kick things off. You can attend one or both of the meetings.

Develop your projects and networking. Bring your creative talent and a willingness to help your peers. Short, time-capped introductions will occur around 6:45 pm. Get ready to work together on some great projects.

Bring business cards and a pen. Be prepared with an idea to share for making a 4-minute short film that takes place in, highlights, or involves Wheaton, MD. The film can be any genre.

2019 Calendar of Events


"Make a Movie in a Month" production begins

Production meeting in D.C. at MakeOffices Dupont

"Make a Movie in a Month" production ends, all films due by 6 pm

Production meeting in Bethesda at MakeOffices Bethesda

Screening Party Finale - viewing all completed MMM Spring 2019 films (MakeOffices Bethesda)


- 4 minutes or less title to title
- This is part of the Wheaton Film Festival so it has to involve Wheaton in some way.
- Use Adobe software in some way
- Screen credits as provided (Make a Movie in a Month project, Wheaton Film Festival, Adobe, Partners/Sponsors/logos)
- Must submit via Google Drive
- Meet the deadline
- Each team can have a minimum of three persons with a minimum of four crew positions that include, but are not limited to producer/director, DP, editor, and writer
- Every member of your film crew MUST sign a "Project Waiver." If you require more please email us at info@wheatonfilmfestival.com and we will send you a downloadable copy of the waiver


- The Official Jury evaluates film entries based on several criteria: Story (10), Creativity & Style (10), Cinematography (10), Sound (10), Involving Wheaton (30), and Overall Quality (30).